Fri 08/10 – Day 5 WC

Friday finals.
Daryl got away first and off early after a bobble in launch. He went legt and downwind and the gaggle including Bob and Cody went right on his own .
Daryl worked soft lift as he drifted downwind re positioning further downwind to core the air and he finally got away to sky out. Meanwhile Joe had gone left to the treeline and hung around in a few pops until finally he got great air and skied out on his own. The remaining US pilots all got out in the gaggle with Cody eventually finishing upon the same air. The wind remained about 4 mph and they were all seen returning with 3 minutes to go. Two pilots relaunched including Tom Kiesling with just 2 mins left on the clock. The landings were all good with Daryl getting a 98. Cody a . Bob a . And Tom

The juniors launched next with Tristan in Lane 1 taking a monster tow of the direct variety and finishing up a good 100 ft higher than his competition although he did stay on the longest. Tristan worked air right off the row while the other boys all stayed together downwind to the right side in a group. Tristan’s air broke up after a few minutes and he eventually joined the faster climbing gaggle on the right and they checked out downwind. The German pilot lost control of his model about 8 mins in and it dove in a long way to the east. He relaunched and just as the group were half way home the wind got up making it very difficult for some who landed early. Tristan’s landing was a little too far downwind and he had to speed up coming I with 10 to go so he finished up touching down a little fast just short of the spot with .5 aeconds on the clock and the middle slid up to and then past the spot to a 94. Tristan did the back shuffle to avoid being hit. Nice start.

Round 2 was next with the seniors now flying two rounds back to back. Daryl got a great launch provided by Craig Goodrum tensioning up to 100% prior to making a great throw. He was easily off first with a 1.5 to 2 sec tow. The higher planes immediately turned downwind and marked the same lift that Daryl was chasing. He got away immediately and climbed through them as they drifted much faster than the previous group as the wind increased. Tom relaunched with less than 2 mins to go as he also found trouble getting back. Daryl’s flight was in trouble as the ballast on board did not suit the conditions and he was at 100 feet and 300 metres downwind trying to find help. Benedikt Fiegl was further right at a similar height and distance and he found a pop and began working it hard. Daryl came across and for 2 minutes he tries to buy his ride home eventually landing out with 50 secs on the clock. Daryl did not relaunch and as we have a drop Daryl has his zero to lose. Cody made his time as did Bob.

The third round saw Daryl take a slightly longer tow than the group and the flight was uneventful to start with as birds marked lift just behind the organizers tents. At about the halfway point the drama began as many models trying to get back upwind to get a new ride ankle alarmingly and even Joe W was struggling just level with the landing area at about 150 ft. He found a bump and began working it downwind again but finally succumbed to the wins and returned to land early at about 13:00 mins
All our pilots made their time and got landings.
So at the end of three rounds we have Cody in 1st on 2992. 4 and Bob McGowan 2nd 2989.8 with Jan Littva in 2 rd on 2989.0
Daryl is in 7th on 1995 with his zero and Tom is in 12 th with 2 outlandings.
The 2nd junior round began with about 10 to 15 mph and Tristan launched with 11oz and still got as good a row as the others but not quite as spectacular as the previous one. After a ride downwind withe the group Tristan was in trouble coming home another pilot found lift near the lake and Tristan hurried crosswind to join underneath the other model at about 100 feet. The 45 second head start that the first pilot had was enough for him to check out but Tristan tried valiantly to get up and as he flew deeper and deeper downwind across the lake a huge cloud of seagulls flew up and joined him. He found the thermal initially getting to double his height but it was in vain as he re launched for a 7 min flight and a 98.
The juniors flew immediately back to back and the wind was once again a big factor as many models appeared to launch light with Tristan flying with 35oz on board still being about 2nd highest. Tristan tried to surf into the wind while 4 of the other models ran back downwind with lift. Tristan tried to find air to the right but after about 6 minutes he landed out and had to take a relaunch. A couple of other boys took relaunches after Tristan also as the unpredictable wind stopped them from getting home. With two out landings now I think we will need some help to get on the podium but as we have found through out this contest anything can happen and we must never give up.

After 3 rounds Tristan was in 7 th place on 2338 points and 1st was Carlo Gallizia on 2962.8

Senior 4th round Daryls Icon 2 broke a boom on launch and he had to land the model quickly in the parking area and relaunch his backup. The second launch about 60 seconds in was also a disaster as the line broke and Daryl had to take a low launch of about 200 feet. He managed to hang just behind the landing area for a minute or so before hooking up with the other models in lift to the left side. It was a bit of a tough flight but he had the altitude he needed to make it back and got a good landing.
Bob was unable to make the time and landed out and had to take a relaunch as did Cody who also could not get out on the first launch. Tom made his time and had an uneventful flight.

Round 5 began with all 12 pilots taking full tows and 8 working lift in the center while Daryl went right and three other plods went left. The lift was huge and within 8 minutes all the models were specs and some coming back. Tom was so deep he had to follow his model downwind and was halfway across the paddock for most of his flight. All our pilots got their max and made good landings. Bob got back to form with a 100.

Standings after 5 rounds of the seniors has Jan Littva in 1st on 4987.6 with Cody in 2nd on 4532.4 and Fiegl Benedikt 3rd on 4519. Bob McGowan is in 4th on 4473 and joe in 5th on 4395 with Daryl 6th on 3958. Tom is 10 th on 3394. We will have a drop kick in at 6 rounds and Daryl’s drop is a zero. Cody’s is a 543.8. Bobs is a 483.7 and Toms is a 196.9. To figure who is winning Jan Littva has a drop of 994.1. Benedikt has a drop of 521.1 and Joe has a drop of 510. Looks like it is 1st Benedikt Fiegl, 2nd Jan Littva and 3rd Bob Mcgowan and Cody Remington 4th. Spread from 4th to 1st is 9 points with two rounds to fly.
The junior rounds 6 and 7 were flown after lunch and we needed to calculate the drops because they would not kick in until they were on the field flying both rounds back to back.
Tristan is in 6th place on 4327.4 with a drop of 560.7. 1st place is Carlo GalliZia on 4958.1 with a 995.4 drop. Ryan Nelson of RSA is 2nd on 4845.2 with a 853.3 drop and Jason Weber is in 3rd with 4508 ans a 691 drop. Manuel Reinecke is 4 th on 4391.9 with a 401.1 drop and Juraj Bartek is 5th on 4377.55 with a 407.6 drop.
Tristan is on 3766.7 in 6th place behind
Ryan Nelson on 3991.9
Manuel Reinecke on 3990.8
Juraj Bartek on 3969.95
Carlo GalliZia on 3962.7
Jason Weber on 3837

The 6th round saw Tristan get a great launch and fly a very pleasant duration round for 15 minutes without any pressure or drama. He and a few other boys were sitting on the ground waiting on the clock. The wind had died down now and the boys enjoyed the change. Tristan’s landing was OK but he needed a lot of help to move up.
The last round started in slightly more wind but a thermal had just passed through and although Tristan tried hard to find the air he was always to the left of the core and he sunk out to flop in the lake and had to re launch again for another low score. Unfortunately the lake Tristan landed in was an effluent pond from the slaughterhouse and his model was a bit crappy.
It was a disappointment indeed but this has been. Huge learning curve for our boys as we flew in the most amazingly atrocious conditions. They all flew really well and we are so so proud of Tristan, Dillon and Dominic. Scores are not complete yet so we don’t know the final result yet.
Seniors up for their final two rounds in 2:00 mins.
The 6th and penultimate round began with a short launch from Cody of around 1 sec while Benedikt and Jan and Bob took at least 3 second tows. Cody explored a lot of territory downwind to no avail and after 3 minutes he landed out about 1 km away and relaunched. At the 6 minute mark the Cd called for the group to come back for a re flight. I am not sure why the reflight was called but it just might be Cody’s day. Fingers crossed.
The second try was uneventful but the significant thing was Benedikt took a short Dow and got out downwind immediately while Cody and Bob took full tows which really cemented Benedikts first place position.

The final round was flown with Benedikt taking no chances with the air and having a 3 second tow. Cody and Bob took good tows also and with no mishaps in beautiful air it was down to Rhe landing to see who would take 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Bobs landing was a 98 but Cody missed with a 95 which I think might have placed him 4th. My prediction is we have Benedikt Fiegl in 1st place with Jan Littva 2nd and Bob McGowan 3rd but in fact when the scores came in Cody had done enough to take 3rd place with Bob in 4th.
The winner was Benedikt with Jan in 2nd place.

The presentations took place with a setting sun and as the FAI officials announced the validity of the results the presentations began.
The junior team trophy was won by Germany with South Africa 2nd and Italy third. The Senior Team trophy was of course won by the USA and the German team second with the Kiwis third.
It was an exciting moment to see Cody climb on to the podium in third place alongside Benedikt in 1st with Jan on the right. Three very young winners – all recent juniors and all very closely matched as soaring pilots. This was the world championships for the youngsters as the winners on the podium are the youngest World Champions ever.

Tonight we party and Tomorrow we will do Africa in a Day.
It has been a long day.

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