07/27 Team in Venice

Team assembles at Venice Airport for the 2 hour drive to Vipava Slovenia.

It  is finally Wed and we are nearly all here in Venice. Missing Chris Keller and wife but all other bodies accounted for and waiting at the arrivals area of the Venice Airport.

The many Sportube make an interesting picture and have attracted a little attention from the local Polizia as we are completely restricting access to the payphones and arrivals board. But when we claimed ownership of the pile they went away.

Keller has been found. Already in Vipava. We do not need to wait for him in Venice.

Stefano and Scott Myer have got two large Vans for us. All Aboard
Vans are loaded and we are on our way. 

First look at the flying field. An absolutely beautiful place with tall mountains shrouded in clouds and a modest sized field nestled at the base of a wide valley. There are some trees in play adjacent to the west side of the field and the main highway towards the mountains on the east side. An excellent site. With apparently very challenging lift /sink conditions causing fairly high inflow winds in variable directions after a thermal has passed.

Rainbow over USA

We have arrived at the Hotel Gold Club in Slovenia and having dinner. The Hotel is about 5 miles from the field In a very quaint and small village in a Valley between beautiful mountains.

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