2012 Raffle – Winners

Great NEWS! The monster raffle was drawn on Tuesday 4th September live on the RC Radio Network show. We are indebted to Cliff Whitney for helping promote FAI soaring Teams and his generosity allowed everybody who purchased tickets in the F3J raffle to hear the numbers drawn “live” in an exciting event.

No doubt the biggest thanks from the US Team must go to Bob our Major Sponsor at Soaring USA. who fearlessly went where no one has gone before and contributed the largest Prize for the raffle with two brand new F3J models. Without his huge donation we may never have reached our fund raising goals and his easy attitude and selfless generosity made our job of promoting the raffle an easy one. The models are fabulous and the very desirable with an Xplorer and a Pike Perfect. Everybody wants one and I hope all soaring pilots in USA support Bob by visiting his store and purchasing goodies there. Thank you Bob.!

Our F3J Monster Raffle was just simply amazing. We were blessed with a huge number of extremely valuable prizes. Review what we have listed below and feast your eyes on FIVE (5) (yes that’s 5 all right!) F3J models that were won at the draw. Thank these generous donors for bringing these incredible models into USA for us and donating these 5 models to make the raffle so exciting.
Soaring USA – 1 X Xplorer and 1 X Pike Perfect. Kennedy Composites – 1 Supra. Skip Miller Models – 1 X EGIDA or winners choice of F3J models. Maple Leaf Design – Daryl’s ICON II

With the great batch of super quality servos donated by MKS Servos USA and radio gear from Airtronics, over $1000 worth of goodies from Horizon Hobby, DVDS from Paul Naton and RCA and a bunch of different RC toys from Graves RC, some amazing packs of adhesive from Frank Tiano and Zap Adhesives and the fabulous Super Chutes from Mr Kite. and the best turnaround pulley in the business from WinchDoc. Thanks to John Marien of Jack Pak RC Sailplane Carrying Bags for donating 2 Jack Pak RC Sailplane Carrying Bags (color selected by the raffle winner). We had a fabulous Futaba 8FG Super up for grabs in the raffle with a donation from Darwin Barrie at the South West Classic. That was over $14,500 in prizes won by Soaring enthusiasts around the country but it was the many generous donor companies in the soaring community made this possible so please support them by visiting their websites and purchasing goods.

The tickets are no longer on sale but they were available from here and were priced according to the chart below. When you made a ticket purchase the tickets were generated electronically online and the ticket numbers emailed to you.

• 1 for $5.00
• 3 for $10.00
• 7 for $20.00
• 20 for $50.00
• 50 for $100.00
• 125 for $200.00
• 400 for $500.00
• 1000 for $1000.00

So here are the prizes and their lucky winners!


DP with his 2011 Worlds winning Icon2

  • Winner was Bill Christian with Ticket Number 9011543
    Prize Number 1. – The prize that many desire to win is the Daryl Perkins F3J Worlds sailplane. Don Peters of MapleLeaf Designs and Daryl Perkins are going to donate Daryl’s personal Icon II from the 2012 World Championships including Airtronics SD10G Transmitter and the complete Airtronics model electronics along with the World Champion setup. It will be an actual plane that Daryl uses to defend his title in Sth Africa in August and will be the nicest I2 he has left after the event…. (Last cycle at the 2010 Worlds the model raffled was his primary model as pictured here.) This is a fabulous “once in a life time” opportunity to own another piece of soaring history as Daryl goes for consecutive F3J world titles.

  • Winner was Jim Frahm with Ticket Number 9013722
    Prize Number 2. – Skip Miller (as always) has put his company Skip Miller Models firmly behind the F3J Team and has promised one very, very lucky winner a brand new EGIDA Jaro Muller F3J model. Alternatively the lucky winner can choose from the SMM stable of exclusive F3J models including the new ELDORADO, a legendary ICON II or a SATORI SL or C45. This is an amazing opportunity for the winner to make a choice from some of the very best F3J models available in USA. Talk to Skip or Cody at Skip Miller Models for details of their soaring beauties and don’t forget to thank them for their awesome support. Skip is also sponsoring the Team by supplying Team hats. We are indebted to Skip for his generosity. Please reward him by visiting his online store.

  • Winner was Dave Mattison with Ticket Number 9016197
    Prize Number 3. – Bob Breaux of Soaring USA is simply amazing with his support and will provide a brand new NAN Xplorer to the lucky winner. NAN Models have continued to manufacture and improve the original design with a lighter and higher quality airframe. They have developed a world class combination with pilots on every continent having success with this sweet bird. We all know how Soaring USA has a great range of quality Xplorers in various configurations and you can rest assured that this F3J model is going to be totally awesome in anyone’s hangar.

  • Winner was Matthew Blackman with Ticket Number 9017328
    Prize Number 5. – The support is unbelieveable from the premier sailplane suppliers in the states. And YES the JW Toy / Maxa / Supra man – Mr Barry Kennedy of Kennedy Composites is also 100% behind the US Team. Barry has agreed to make one Lucky Raffle Ticket purchaser a very happy Camper with the contribution of a brand new Glass SUPRA PRO. This classic model has won all over the world and these latest versions are incredibly competitive. Please thank Barry for bringing in these great models and for his kindness and support.

  • Winner was David Portwood with Ticket Number 9003378
    Prize Number 6. – MKS Servos USA is really getting behind the needs of soaring pilots the world over. Here in USA they are supporting our cause with great high resolution, powerful 66oz/in and lightweight servos perfectly suited to RC Sailplanes. You can win a pair of beautiful DS6125 mini servos with frames (perfect for ailerons) worth – $159.85

  • Winner was Barry Westervelt with Ticket Number 9016974
    Prize Number 7. – MKS Servos USA actually has a great range of servos to suit every application and for flaps there is no better choice than the powerful 91oz/in and lightweight DS6125 servos. You can win a pair of these sweet digital DS6125 servos with frames worth – $203.85

  • Winner was Sheldon Smith with Ticket Number 9011390
    Prize Number 8. – MKS Servos USA didn’t stop there. To complete a full set MKS are also providing a lucky winner with a pair of fast digital sailplane servos for rudder elev. These are 42oz torque, titanium chrome gear masterpieces. The pair of DS6100 servos are worth $77.00

  • Winners were Mike Murphy with Ticket Number 9006560 and Mike Reagan with 9003218
    Prizes Number 9 and 10. – The support of F3J from the soaring related companies is fantastic. Please go to their websites and support them. MKS Servos USA is also offering two gift certificates worth 40% discount off a full set of six MKS Servos from the DS6125 series. This is a serious discount worth as much as $232.68 savings on your next build.

  • Winner was Steve Henke with Ticket Number 9008296
    Prize Number 11. – Horizon Hobby and JR continue their tradition of supporting the USA Soaring Teams with very generous donations towards the fund raising activity. The primary prize is the beautiful JR 11X Transmitter – valued at $590.00 (without Rx or Sx) this TX is the state of the art offering in 2.4 Tx technology from JR. As a supplier of premier radio systems and a huge range of soaring related electronics and RC toys Horizon’s contribution is certainly very much appreciated by the Team. Please go to the Horizon Hobby website and check out what they have. Next time you see them at a Trade show or call them on the phone please stop and thank them for their support.

  • Winner was William Hander with Ticket Number 9001213
    Prize Number 12. – Horizon Hobby and JR have donated a pair of High Voltage DS378HV wing Servos. Features such as the 11mm wide case design, metal geartrain, and ability to use 2S Li-Po batteries without a regulator with simpler set up for better performance makes these servos top notch. Combine these features with a JR’s 3 year warranty makes this servo a great value for all sailplane enthusiasts. Battery chemistries such as LiPo, LiIon, and LiFe have become very popular within the RC community and JR’s HV servos are designed with motors and electronics that operate off the direct voltage of a 2-cell LiPo, LiIon, or LiFe receiver battery pack (6.6V to 7.4V nominal voltage). This eliminates the need for a regulator.

  • Winner was Jerry Shape with Ticket Number 9006221
    Prize Number 13. – A pair of JR DS388HV servos perfect for Elev and Rudder applications on Sailplanes are also offered by Horizon Hobby and JR. The JRPS388 Digital Micro MG servo is a great choice for enthusiasts with sailplanes or electric aircraft looking for high torque and outstanding performance. This servo offers precision components that have been designed to offer durability and integrated with the JR 3-year warranty, making this an excellent choice. Also note that the HV servo specs shown on the Horizon Hobby website are at the higher voltage (7.4V 2S LiPo) but will still operate on a standard 5-cell 6V NiCd, Ni MH battery with a reduction in performance of approximately 10% in speed and torque.

  • Winner was Robert De Mattei with Ticket Number 9005542
    Prize Number 14. – Horizon Hobby have done it again by offering their timeless favorite the Radian PnP to be won by a lucky raffle ticket buyer. ParkZone’s Radian has been the ultimate soaring wonder since it first appeared on the scene a couple of years ago. It makes a great 2M model to fly in ALES events and is the perfect training ship to get new soarers started. Not only does the Radian’s lightweight Z-Foam™ construction offer the perfect balance of weight and durability, it also makes repairs simple and quick. With the Plug-N-Play® version, just install your battery and receiver, and you are only minutes away from the ultimate soaring adventure.

  • Winner was Robert R Brown with Ticket Number 9009343
    Prize Number 15. – Airtronics has been a strong ally of the US Soaring community for many years. 2012 is not any exception with Daryl driving his aircraft with all Airtronics equipment and Airtronics donating all the electronics in his Worlds I2 to be Raffled in Prize 1 at the top of this list. On top of that Airtronics is providing as Prize number 15 this Fabulous SD-10G radio system which is extremely popular with soaring pilots throughout USA. Hobby Peoples details page.

  • Winner was Duane Beck with Ticket Number 9005106
    Prize Number 16. – Airtronics Set of 4 Airtronics 94761Z Micro High-Speed, High-Torque, Metal Gear, Ball Bearing Digital Servos The ultimate sailplane servo. This servo is also ideally suited for use on elevator and ailerons for pattern planes and anywhere else a small digital metal gear servo is needed. Hobby People Details page

  • Winner was Robert Buxton with Ticket Number 9016275
    Prize Number 17. – Airtronics Set of 4 Airtronics 94809 Micro High-Performance, Metal Gear, Ball Bearing Digital Servos. This set of 4 is ideally suited for 400-450 size 3D helicopters and 45-50 ounce EP aerobatic aircraft. This is a high-performance servo that will make your aircraft or helicopter fly more precisely than analogs. Hobby People details page.

  • Winner was Dale Thompson with Ticket Number 9013059
    Prize Number 18. – Airtronics Set of 4 Airtronics 94803 Micro Ball Bearing Digital Servos! The 94803 replaces typical 10g Servos with a HUGE upgrade – Digital precision and holding power, ball bearings, and superior resolution and centering. This set of four are PERFECT for Foamies, small helis, anywhere you’d use a typical 9-10g servo. Hobby People details page.

  • Winner was Tim Ellis with Ticket Number 9005843
    Prize Number 19. – Graves RC has been in the hobby mail order business since 1991. Bill Graves has created the most unique R/C hobby shop ever with over 27,000 stock items. With grandson Dillon on the Team Bill has agreed to become a US Team Sponsor with multiple raffle prizes on offer. This ParkZone P51 Mustang is a beauty and comes equipped with everything necessary to get you in the air quickly and easily, including a fully proportional 3-channel 2.4Ghz radio system, batteries for the transmitter; a rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack; and a variable rate DC peak charger.

  • Winner was David Corven with Ticket Number 9012439
    Prize Number 20. – John at Graves RC was kind enough to make a nice selection of prizes from the 27,000 stock items. This ParkZone Cub is a real classic and also has everything necessary to fly the aircraft immediately, including a fully proportional 3-channel FM radio system, batteries for the transmitter; a rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack; and a variable rate DC peak charger.

  • Winner was Donald Richmond with Ticket Number 9012305
    Prize Number 21. – The guys at Graves RC are experts in their field and they handle everything RC. If you are in the area, please stop by and visit their store for an amazing experience. In addition to the huge inventory, they have over 350 planes hanging from the ceiling, and dozens each of helicopters, cars and boats on display and ready to run in their showroom. This prize is a nice Shulman Aviation 3D model called an Exhila.

  • Winner was Brian Jue with Ticket Number 9015426
    Prize Number 22. – Are helicopters your thing. Maybe not but this is a good way to get started in the rotary wing game. Graves RC have a huge range of helicopters in stock and this coaxial Helimax AXE CX will get you on your way.

  • Winner was William Hander with Ticket Number 9001198
    Prize Number 23. – If one heli wasn’t enough John has also offered this nice Coax Comanche for some living room fun. Great little easy to fly electrics that will have your wife or cat mad at you for sure. Graves RC simply have a huge range of all kinds of toys and a visit to their store can take you back in time to a place you might have been as a boy.

  • Winner was Steven Lucke with Ticket Number 9001636
    Prize Number 24. – This is the HPI Ready-To-Run Nitro RS4 with Ford Taurus Body .15FE Nitro Star Engine w/Recoil Starter and HPI Radio System Pre-Installed. The Radio System Comes In Random 27MHz Frequencies. Complete unit and only requires AA Batteries for Radio,
    Glow Igniter, Plug Wrench, Paint for Body, Fuel, CA Glue and Tools. Graves RC has those extras too so ask them if you are the lucky winner.

  • Winner was Terry Throup with Ticket Number 9000288
    Prize Number 25. – The AquaCraft Air Force RTR rules the waves, but simplicity and convenience rule in the Air Force! Virtually everything is included and is either assembled or installed! AquaCraft Pro 46 engine, 2-channel AquaCraft radio w/2 standard servos, propeller, boat stand & engine video Only Requires: glow starter, engine starter, fuel & 12 “AA” batteries. Once again ask John at Graves RC for those extras if you are the lucky winner.

  • Winner was Jim Frahm with Ticket Number 9014630
    Prize Number 29. – Zap Adhesive Kit No 1. Frank Tiano of Zap adhesives fame has made a huge contribution to the team with the addition of 5 Zap Adhesive Packs. Each Zap Kit will contain 1 Zap a Gap, 1 Zap CA (thin), 1 Slo-Zap, 1 Zap Kicker, 1 Zap Gel, 1 Zap Goo and 1 Zap Canopy glue – all in a nice convenient Plano carry case. Frank has also been kind enough to supply an extra adhesive kit for the Team to take to the Worlds so if we need glue we will be using Zap from Frank Tiano Enterprises. The Zap Adhesive System has the most complete range of formulas and sizes to fit your needs.

  • Winner of 30 was William Hander with Ticket Number 9000625, 31 was William H Curry with 9015641, 32 was Chester Pinho with 9004989 and 33 was Matthew Blackman with 9005831
    Prize Numbers 30 – 33. – Zap Adhesive Packs No 2 through 5. Frank Tiano’s range of Zap adhesives are the finest in the market and his glue is not just limited to a great range of CA’s He also has conveniently sized Epoxys, Goo Glue and even sells the spare applicator tips for when those darned things get blocked, (which they always do.) Frank Tiano and Zap have combined many of these products to make your Zap Kit. Each Zap Kit will contain 1 Zap a Gap, 1 Zap CA (thin), 1 Slo-Zap, 1 Zap Kicker, 1 Zap Gel, 1 Zap Goo and 1 Zap Canopy glue – all in a nice convenient Plano carry case.

  • Winner was Jim Frahm with Ticket Number 9013539
    Prize Number 34. – Zap Epoxy Pack Pack. Frank Tiano Enterprises and Zap glue have bundled three kits of Epoxy together for a complete epoxy solution for you. The Zap Epoxy Pack will contain one 30 minute Zap Epoxy, one 15 minute Zap Epoxy and one 5 minute Zap Epoxy. What Ever Your Application … What Ever Your Demands . . . The Zap Adhesive System has the most complete range of formulas and sizes to fit your needs.

  • Winner was Mike Murphy with Ticket Number 9006704
    Prize Number 35. – Paul Naton of Radio Carbon Art has not only provided awesome graphics for the Team Logo but here he really “puts his money where his mouth is” by supplying for the F3J Team raffle a 3 DVD set of soaring wisdom that is simply a “must view” for any serious RC soaring pilot. The Soaring Master Class series can take your skill level from mediocre to extraordinary.

  • Winner was Chuck Pinnell with Ticket Number 9005170
    Prize Number 36. – The sheer joy of throwing a sailplane into lift with just the power of your arm is a feeling that only the actual experience of doing that will give you an understanding of what is making DLG the fastest growing segment in RC soaring. To do it well (or to simply do it with less mistakes or grief,) you have got to watch Paul Naton’s Radio Carbon Art series on HLG. DLG or Discus Launch Glider has become a phenomenon that has swept the world. You can do it too with the help of the HLG Master Class Series.

  • Winner was Jim Frahm with Ticket Number 9014496
    Prize Number 37. – Just when you thought you knew everything about RC Soaring, along comes Paul Naton of Radio Carbon Art to dispell the myth that there is “nothing new under the sun.” The fact is Paul exposes many misconceptions and brings to light many useful facts and skills that we all would otherwise have missed if it weren’t for his “Soaring Essential Series.” Grab this 3 DVD set and watch yourself evolve into a Sailplane phenom too!

  • Winner of 38 was Mike Murphy with Ticket Number 9006789, 39 was Ed White with 9013005, 40 was Charles Morris with 9001783, 41 was Simon Thompson with 9015160 and 42 was Charles G French with 9015824
    Prize Numbers 38, 39, 40, 41, and 42. – Mr Kite, (aka Craig Christensen) not only manufactures the best Soaring winch chutes available but he continues to sponsor FAI Soaring and for that the soaring community should be truly grateful. If it wasn’t for the kindness and absolute commitment of sponsors like Mr Kite we couldn’t compete at a world level in F3J. Check out the amazing range of colors he can make chutes in. And he has donated five of his Super Chutes where the lucky winners can choose their colors and design.

  • Winner was Martin Falarski with Ticket Number 9001545
    Prize Number 43. – A Winchdoc Pulley. WinchDoc, (aka Douglass Boyd) manufactures the very best soaring winch turnaround pulleys on the planet. This is the “go to” pulley of the US F3J team and the quality is outstanding. According to Jim Monaco, “The Rocky Mountain Soaring Association have 6 of these for the RMSA club winches and they are flawless…” The Winchdoc pulley uses a 3″ low mass delron needle bearing sheave. It’s all machined aluminum and anodized to prevent oxidation. Two bolts pop it apart for cleaning and lubrication. The machined halves are cut so that the line can not get around the sheave sides and so that the line does not wear on the side plates.

  • Winner was Garrett Duflo with Ticket Number 9002508
    Prize Number 44. – The raffle just keeps getting better!!! Thanks to John Marien of Jack Pak RC Sailplane Carrying Bags for donating a Jack Pak RC Sailplane Carrying Bag (color selected by the raffle winner). These Sailplane Carrying Bags are large enough to be able to carry any of the sailplanes already donated to the F3J raffle. Quality material, sewing and design make this a sailplane bag that you will be proud to own.

  • Winner was Gordon Stahl with Ticket Number 9003067
    Prize Number 45. – John Marien of Jack Pak RC Sailplane Carrying Bags has donated a 2nd Jack Pak RC Sailplane Carrying Bag (color selected by the raffle winner). The Jack Pak was designed by the KISS principle with high quality components. Perfectly sized for F3J at 71” x 17” x 3” the Jackpak will support 3.5m-4.1m sailplanes and is constructed from Heavy Duty 600 Denier Nylon outer covering to prevent damage to your sailplane.

  • Winner was Brent Robinson with Ticket Number 9002456
    Prize Number 46. – Sponsored Futaba pilot Darwin Barrie kindly donated a Futaba 8FG Super to the raffle. Darwin was the winner of this radio in Phoenix at the South West Classic and we are extremely grateful for his kindness to donate it to the Team F3J cause. “Super-sized” with more channels — the original 8FG was already the best 2.4GHz radio value available. Now the 8FG Super offers six additional channels — plus new software with menus tailored to Futaba’s super-fast CGY750 gyro. Recommended by Bobby Watts, Matt Botos and Kyle Stacy, it’s the first radio that really supports flybarless helicopters. And it’s perfect for all other applications, too…a smart choice for ANY forward-looking flier.

Please make sure you click the links to the donor’s online stores and purchase products from them too. The list is growing every week. Bookmark this page and come back often to check.

Tickets are available now. Click here and get yours today!

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