Wed 07/18/18 Practice in Brasov

With a fairly late start this morning every jody was well rested before we set off for the field aroundre tha 11:00. We stopped at Hornbach (like Home depot) and picked up some coolers, steel for stakes and ice and drinks etc. Supplies are a whole lot easier here than in some countries.

When we reached the field there was just Cedric Duss with his team mates there. The pilots set up their models and Kelly set a couple of towlines so we could get some launches in. The field is quite close to a Helicopter manufacturing facility… AirBus Helicopters. The buildings are no more than 150 meters from the field which really puts them in play during the contest as a source of slope lift . The field is pretty rough to walk on with a lot of holes and has many scotch thistles but at least its soft.

We lanched Neal, Jody, Bob and Lukes planes al afternoon until the storms over the mountains to the west finally washed us out at about 6:30pm.

Dimitri kindly picked up Charles and Charleston at Bucharest Airport they arrived and we are waiting.up at the Hotel for their arrival.

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