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We will be reporting the progress of the USA team every day right here including a selection of photos of the Team and event. Please bookmark this page and come back often. While you are here please also check out the Giant raffle – support your team and take advantage of our final special on tickets. 50% bonus on tickets with a $100 min buy.
July 25 – USA Departure
July 26 – Summer in Venice
July 27 – Team meets in Venice
July 28 – Practice Day Vipava
July 29 – Day 1 Slovenia Cup
July 30 – Day 2 Slovenia Cup & Banquet
July 31 – Model Reg & Opening Ceremony
Aug 1 – Day 1 of World Champs
Aug 2 – Day 2 World Champs
Aug 3 – Day 3 World Champs
Aug 4 – Day 4 of World Champs
Aug 5 – Final Day of World Championship
Aug 6 – Spare day and Award Ceremony

Official Host Nation Slovenia – Vipava F3J Worlds Website.

Last weekend of training together for the Team USA F3J South East Clan. These guys are READY

Last weekend of training together for the Team USA F3J South East Clan.
These guys are READY


The Florida Pilots got together last weekend for their first practice with new addition to the team Noah Myers.
The goal was to train Noah up to be able to launch himself on the bungee and to throw his model himself well enough to circle around and land at his feet. These simple skills are almost essential to provide these kids with the hundreds of practice landings they need to become proficient at hitting the spot on time.
Within an hour we had Noah throwing his model strongly and by the time we were eating lunch on Sat, he was pulling the bungee back and throwing his Xplorer on his own while we all sat back and watched from the tent. I can tell you that it is these moments in coaching kids that provides the feeling of immense satisfaction that makes the effort so worthwhile. Kids are amazing if you just give them a little help and encouragement.
Newcomer junior 13 year old Brayden Chamberlain also spent the day with us practicing for the F3K Team Selects.
Thankyou to dads John Graves and Scott Myers for their help and also to Jody Miller who is investing his time heavily in this team.

It is with mixed emotions that we have to report that Dominick will not be joining us in Slovenia. Dominick is without doubt one of the most talented juniors in the World and will be sorely missed by the US Team in July. We are excited for Dominick though – as he has decided to join the US military and serve his country. There could be no greater honor than volunteering his time to this career and we salute Dominick and wish him well. Sorry you can’t be with us mate but we understand your decision. Good luck and keep us up to date with your accomplishments via lots of FaceBook posts. 🙂

The Senior Team Jeff, Daryl and Jim and one member (Stoil Avromov) of the Junior Team gathered with Team managers Stefano and Gordon and Helpers Amy and Kelly to contest the F3J in The Desert event at Phoenix AZ during on 17th Feb. The Team performed really well with after a short American winter with Daryl taking no time to slot his Xplorers into the 100 zone and finishing 1st in the Prelims, Jeff 3rd and Jim 5th. The senior Team pilots dominated the largest F3J field assembled annually in conditions which were at times difficult to read especially during the mid afternoon. Stoil also had a real good workout with many F3J flights taken under against top opposition in a contest environment even scoring a 1000 in Rd 7. The Finals were flown as 4 X 15 minute rounds and Jeff Duval was taking great short tows and landing like a machine to eventually take 1st with Daryl 2nd and Jim 4th. A great result for a very strong USA Team. the future of this team looks very bright. Stoil also received some great one on one training after the event with Jeff and Gordon helping him to learn how to throw the model and bungee launch. Stoil is coming along really well with an excellent attitude and always willing to learn new stuff.

Team in the Silver Performance Fabric Shirts

Team in the Silver Performance Fabric Shirts

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Preliminary Entry Form – 16_F3J_WCh_Prel_Entry_Form_1


Chris Adrian from Sth Africa was at our Vipava Flying Site recently for the Triangle GPS Racing Masters.
He provided us with some excellent pictures of what this gorgeous field looks like.

The Slovenian candidature for the WC F3J
(Reprinted courtesy of VENTUS RC Club website.)

Slovenia is a small country in the center of Europe that’s located between Italy and Croatia on the north side of the Adriatic Sea. Its area is very small, just a little over 20,000 km 2.

The WC would take place in Vipavska valley which is one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovenia. The location of the airport is in the center of the valley, right next to the highway exit. A town called Vipava is located near the airport. This old town is very beautiful and interesting and has a documented history that is more than 600 years old.



Our club MD Ventus, the organizer for the Slovenian Flying Association, is one of the most active clubs in the country, boasting more than 10 years of activity. Our home base is at a very old airfield from the First World War, which is today reserved only for flying with model aircrafts. We organize many regional, national and international events, all in categories F3J and F5J. Throughout the past several years, we have achieved a very high level of performance in our organization and in September 2014, we’ll be hosting one of the qualifying competitions for the German national team in category F3J. We’re very honoured and excited about this event and we also believe it will provide a great preparation for the World Championships.

Scene of the World Championship

The flying airfield is an expansion of a 1st world war airport and measures a total area of 3 km2. It’s very well maintained and surrounded by excellent scenery. There are no trees on the surface of the airfield at all and it’s as flat as it could possibly be. The location of the airport is excellent because of its proximity to the highway exit. This highway has great connections with both Italy (Milan) and Germany (Munchen). Airline connections are even better; the main Slovenian international airport of Ljubljana is just 1 hour away, while the international airport of Marco Polo, Italy just 2 hours away.


There is a large camping site located right by the airport. For those who don’t like to camp, it’s also possible to rent rooms at one of the eco tourist farms. A 4-star hotel and hostel are also located in the area. All the mentioned locations are reachable within 5-10 minutes by car.

We’ll provide flying without a safety corridor, 15 landing spots and a mega tent to store models overnight.

About the Valley

This scenic valley is just a step away from from the North Adriatic Sea. The Mediterranean influence is present in the region’s pleasant everyday climate. As I have mentioned, the town of Vipava-one of the most picturesque places-lies in the center of the valley. This town was mentioned in historic records for the first time in the 13th century, although the Romans were present in this area even before that time. In the center of Vipava is a very unique river source – the source of the Vipava River which runs through the center of the city is in the shape of a delta – which is the only such river source in Europe. Vipava was constructed around the river, so citizens who lived here many years ago had to construct many bridges. Today, there are 25 of them, so this lovely spot is also known as the Slovenian Venice. In the Vipava area, there is also a very famous mansion called Zemono. Zemono is famous because one of the most important battles for Christianity was fought right next to it.


Aside from its history, this region is a great natural area for enjoying the outdoors and participating in sporting activities. Visitors can enjoy paragliding, soar gliding and mountain hiking because the position of the valley is more than perfect for these kinds of activities. Road cycling is also a very popular sport here. We have plenty of nice roads that are low in traffic but have very good connections with the Slovenian Karst – which is a very popular area for rock climbing. From there, tourists also have a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea. However, this is only a small sample of all the natural beauty that Slovenia is so lucky to have. In fact, one of this region’s most fascinating facts is that all Slovenian attractions are accessible in just one hour by car.


We are sure that our airfield position, coupled with the passion of the local airplane model makers as well as the support of our local municipality would be a great guarantee for excellent, enjoyable and quality performance. So come and enjoy Slovenia’s Vipava Valley with us – I am sure the experience will provide spectacular memories and a fantastic World Championship event!

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