Wed Jul 9 Practice day 1

Ist day of practice saw a very low ceiling along with persistent drizzle to mar the morning flying practice so a Team meeting was held and we decided to delay going to the field until 10:00am. As the day developed the drizzle reduced enough for us to get models in the air and get some serious launching practice done.
Phil, Frankie and Dave worked the towing yoke all afternoon and the team was able to set up their models for launching and test the mountain air.
This flying site is nothing short of spectacular with tall mountains on 3 sides and a beautiful valley back toward the village of Martin that we are staying at.
Lift was very light all afternoon and flying was often in drizzle intermingled with mostly overcast skies.
It was a very successful day though as all pilots got their models hooking up and we returned at 5:00 to the Hotel Turiec.
Unfortunately Daryl’s model box was very badly mishandled by the TSA on the trip out of USA and his models were seriously damaged as they were removed from his box and then unceremoniously stuffed back in and crushed to make them fit. Each of his fins were damaged along with pretty significant damage to tips and a center section. This meant that a lot of valuable practice time was wasted as Daryl made repairs and more time was required by Daryl and Tom to repair the models overnight.

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