2014 Raffle Winners

Great NEWS! We have assembled some excellent sponsors for our giant raffle to raise funds for the team. The raffle will be drawn on the RC Radio Network show sometime in early August. We are indebted to Cliff Whitney for helping promote FAI soaring Teams and his generosity allows everybody who purchases tickets in the F3J raffle to hear the numbers drawn “live” in an exciting event.

It is only through the generosity of the many donor companies in the soaring community that make this possible so please support them by visiting their websites and purchasing goods.

The tickets are on sale now and please check back here regularly as the list of prizes is growing. You can buy tickets from here and they are priced according to the chart below. The tickets are generated electronically online after your purchase and the ticket numbers emailed to you.

• 1 for $5.00
• 3 for $10.00
• 7 for $20.00
• 20 for $50.00
• 50 for $100.00
• 125 for $200.00
• 400 for $500.00
• 1000 for $1000.00

Please make sure you click the links to the donor’s online stores and purchase products from them too. The list is growing every week. Bookmark this page and come back often to check.

Tickets are available now. Click here and get yours today!

  • Prize Number 1. – A fabulous X2 Xplorer from Bob Breaux of Soaring USA. Thanks Bob… Your support of soaring in USA is simply amazing. NAN Models have continued to manufacture and improve the original design with an X2 variation 10oz lighter and higher quality airframe. They have developed a world class combination with pilots on every continent having success with this sweet bird. We all know how Soaring USA has a great range of quality Xplorers in various wingspans and tail configurations and you can rest assured that this F3J model is going to be totally awesome in anyone’s hangar.
  • Winner – Byron Blakeslee – Ticket# 16176

  • Prize Number 2 – A Vladimir Models Supra Pro! – Barry Kennedy of Kennedy Composites has once again shown he is 100% behind the F3J team with this unbelievable donation of a brand new J Supra to our raffle. Barry has been one of the most consistent supporters of soaring in USA and being one of the premier sailplane suppliers in the states we are very proud to have him on board. One Raffle Ticket purchaser is going to be a very happy Camper with this contribution from Vladimir Models. Vladimir’s creations have won all over the world and Joe Wurts has not only assisted in the development of some of the finest sailplanes available but wins consistently with them also. Please thank Barry for bringing in these great models and for his kindness and support.
  • Winner – Jim Frahm – Ticket# 11746


  • Prize Number 3 – Tom Siler’s NXT evolution of the SUPER FR3AK! – Donated by Skip Miller Models. Skip carrys these first class USA manufactured F3K models in his store and has provided the team with one for a lucky raffle ticket buyer!!! Tom Siler has done it again and produced a simply stunning World Class F3K ship! The NXT is truly an astounding development and already gaining great respect. It is a SUPER FR3AK on steroids! Higher launches, improved handling stunning good looks, and strong (just ask those at the JEM who stood in line to throw it). It’s an all around excellent performing plane that is already leaving its mark in the F3K circuit! Great addition to the Fr3ak line, edgier performance and GREAT high wind flying. The NXT has a higher aspect and taper ratio than its predecessor. Coming in at an amazing 230-250g..
  • Winner – Steven Bixby – Ticket# 15575


  • Prize Number 4 – Tom Siler’s generosity knows no bounds as he has donated a second NXT SUPER FR3AK! – Tom’s F3K models are the best money can buy and another lucky ticket buyer will own one after the raffle.!!! The NXT has a higher launch, but still the nice circling and handling the previous Fr3aks provided. The NXT flys really nicely and it is also the prettiest plane Tom has designed so far. Yes, prettiness does not win contests, but it does not hurt either. The NXT will take any launch you can throw at it and you won’t hurt the nose on this airplane. It’s shorter and stronger than the fuselages Tom was making a year ago and he never had a failure with those either. This airframe is nearly indestructible with aero and launch loads assuming even remotely normal technique. It’s likely overbuilt. THIS is the bird you want to own – to get you where you need to be in F3K.
  • Winner – Robert Morrow – Ticket# 16556


  • Prize Number 5 – Amazing DX9 9-Channel DSMX Spektrum Transmitter from Horizon Hobby From its beginnings, the people behind Spektrum technology have constantly sought new ways to make the RC experience simpler, safer and, most of all, more fun. The DX9 is proof positive this relentless spirit of innovation lives on. Talk isn’t cheap – It’s Priceless. While the DX9 possesses a number of class-leading features, the centerpiece is it’s incredibly advanced voice alert system. In fact, with it’s lexicon of over 300 words, numbers and phrases, it’s quite possibly the most advanced system of its kind ever seen (or heard) in a handheld, 9-channel transmitter. For instance, you can program the DX9 to call out what flight mode has been chosen when switching from one to another. If an alarm goes off, the pilot won’t have to look at the display to see what’s happening. The DX9 can tell them. Including built in telemetry and a huge 250 model memory this is one amazing transmitter.
  • Winner – Jim Frahm – Ticket# 11498

Mystique Sailplane

  • Prize Number 6 – Horizon Hobby have done it again by offering their fabulous new and great flying Sailplane. The E-flite® Mystique® 2.9 m ARF aircraft is an electric sailplane inspired by F5J-class competition and similar Limited Motor Run events popular around the globe. Like most sailplanes focused on performance, the Mystique 2.9 m sailplane delivers an outstanding RC soaring experience, even if all you’re looking for is a glider to enjoy on a lazy afternoon. Its impressive wing uses the versatile Selig SD3021 airfoil that’s proven to be excellent in model applications with lightweight, open-bay construction by offering good low speed characteristics, as well as the ability to move quickly from thermal to thermal. The contour of the molded fiberglass fuselage is sleek yet provides ample room for its pushrods to run internally and still have room for a powerful Li-Po motor battery.
  • Winner – Orlando Buzzards – Lewis Gray – Ticket# 14981

CarbonZ Cub

  • Prize Number 7 – Horizon Hobby have also provided this exciting BNF giant scale cub capable of aerotowing up to 3.0m sailplanes.
    The E-flite® Carbon-Z® Cub aircraft is the first to offer patented Carbon-Z strength and rigidity in a giant scale package. Like the full-scale Cub Crafters Carbon Cub SS airplane, this ultra-lightweight model by World Aerobatic Champion Quique Somenzini is astonishingly versatile whether your intention is to cruise gracefully or surprise scale admirers with envelope busting aerobatics. Helping you at the sticks is the extraordinary AS3X® system built into the included Spektrum™ AR635 receiver, which makes it possible for you to experience agility far beyond the classic Cub form, while at the same time providing stability better than the original with control that’s always natural feeling no matter how you like to fly. Based on a platform known for its legendary versatility, the Carbon-Z Cub makes giant scale so simple—now even more RC pilots can go big. A mechanism is included for towing sailplanes with wingspans as large as 3-meters and there’s even an optional camera mount so you can take one-of-a-kind images from a bird’s eye view.
  • Winner – Mark Dennis – Ticket# 10192

Albatros D.Va WWI PNP

  • Prize Number 8 – Albatros D.Va WWI PNP Horizon Hobby have another Parkzone classic with the WW1 Albatros. Compared to the Spartan look of most World War I airplanes, the smooth, rounded fuselage and flowing lines of the Albatros D.Va made it one of the more daring designs of its time. The ParkZone team has recreated this Western Front warrior with an impressive level of detail and equipped it with a potent 480-size brushless motor. Some of the more notable scale details include a molded recreation of the 180hp Mercedes D.IIIau engine, accurately modeled wing struts and a pilot figure complete with flying scarf. Sporting a big 42 inch wingspan and 480 size outrunner and 30amp ESC included this PNP scale model will have you dog fighting in minutes of receiving the package.
  • Winner – Joseph Hayes – Ticket# 13154


  • Prize Number 9 – S.E. 5a Horizon Hobby have this authentically created WW1 Allied fighter created with such realism it is breathtaking. The 37 inch wingspan PNP model can be ready for combat in minutes and comes complete with 30amp ESC and 480 brushless outrunner. World War I brought with it the dawn of air-to-air combat. Of the many airplanes that saw action, only a handful actually became legends. The Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a was one of them. Flown by many of the British and American aces of the time, it was instrumental in regaining and maintaining Allied air superiority from 1917 through war’s end. Now you can take to the skies with this outstanding sport scale recreation of the ParkZone® RAF S.E.5a. Its winning combination of scale realism and easy-going flight characteristics will capture the heart of everyone who loves aviation classics.
  • Winner – Mike Smith – Ticket# 16865


  • Prize Number 10. – Airtronics SD-10GS 10ch 2.4GHz Computer Radio system w/10ch RX is a dedicated 2.4Ghz FHSS High Performance radio system designed to give every modeler, competition or sport a radio that is easy to use, powerful, flexible for any application, and yet very affordable. The performance of this radio is simply amazing. It’s back, with a better look and is a favorite among competition flyers including areas such as pattern/F3A and F3J sailplanes. Now it offers even more with V/R controls, more switches, higher quality look, professional feel. Get The Advantage
    The SD-10GS was developed by Sanwa’s best and brightest computer programmers in concert with top-level pilots from Sanwa Japan and Airtronics USA. The team who developed the SD-10GS for you are the most dedicated and experienced modelers in the world today. This competition-level radio is at home in the hands of a glider pilot and F3A aerobatic champions alike.
    Step-up to a radio that does it all. The Airtronics SD-10GS is the one to win.
  • Winner – David Beach – Ticket# 17626


  • Prize Number 11. – The Airtronics Aquila 6 is an advanced 2.4GHz Digital Proportional 6 Channel with a unique style and proven 2.4GHz system. The Aquila features Airtronics proven, rock-solid reliable 2.4GHz FH1 frequency hopping transmission scheme. It’s true frequency-hopping that provides a superior signal for that “locked-in” feel. And it’s ready for any 1-6 channel aircraft or helicopter.! From micro electric aircraft to scale aerobatic aircraft, from mini fixed-pitched helicopters to advanced CCPM 3D electric helicopters, the Aquila 6 can handle advanced models with ease! The Aquila 6 is perfect for new pilots just learning to fly too. The Aquila 6 features a Trainer System that is compatible with all Airtronics SD series transmitters so you can get started flying safely and quickly. Whether you’re just starting out or ready to take on advanced 6 channel fixed wing and helicopters, the Aquila 6 is ready to give you superior control.
  • Winner – Jim Monaco – Ticket# 13598


  • Prize Number 12. – 2 of the Airtronics 94761Z Micro Digital Hi Speed, Hi Torq, Metal Gear, Ball Bearing Digital Servos. This Servo is the ultimate sailplane servo and is also ideally suited for use on elevator and ailerons for pattern planes and anywhere else a small digital metal gear servo is needed. Airtronics digital servos feature custom I.C.’s, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) construction and splined output shafts for easier control surface adjustments. Molded neoprene vibration isolators and injection-molded servo cases ensure superior strength and long lasting durability. Safe to use with receivers that have a Nominal Input Voltage rating of 4.8v ~ 6.6v.
  • Winner – Matthew Blackman – Ticket# 14851

Taranis X9D

  • Prize Number 13. – Graves RC Hobbies and John Graves have donated a super FrSky Taranis X9D 16CH Digital Radio System Combo w/X8R/PCB
    Unless you have really had a good look at a Taranis you have no idea what an amazing radio this is! Featuring: Quad Ball Bearing Gimbals, Receiver Match, Audio Speech Outputs (values, alarms, settings, etc.), Antenna Status Detection and Alters, Real-time Flight Data Logging, Reception Signal Strength Alerts, Super Low Latency, Smart Port Supported, a just a whole bunch more that you wouldn’t even expect to find in a more traditional brand radio. FrSky have truly created a revolution with this radio and you won’t be disappointed if you are the lucky winner. Thanks John for giving back to soaring once again.

  • Winner – Thomas Watson – Ticket# 20782

  • Prize Number 14. – Graves RC Hobbies
    have donated a KONDER MODEL PRODUCTS Canadair CL-415 ARF w/Motor. The Canadair CL415 is the most modern water bomber flying today. Enjoy stable flight characteristics and solid performance from the two powerful brushless motors pre-mounted in this miniature foam model.
    It features, Ailerons, Rudder, Elevator and Fully proportional throttle control. Enjoy flying this Foam CL415 model from the end of your dock or from your local sandy beach today

Winner – Andrew Rice – Ticket# 18344

J3 Cub

  • Prize Number 15. – Graves RC Hobbies PHASE 3 J3 CUB 370 TRAINER RTF
    3 channel control system (motor speed, rudder and elevator)
    4 channel FM 27MHz radio control system
    Rechargeable flight battery
    Indoor AC charger
    Outdoor 12V DC fast charger
    Molded from durable plastic and foam
  • Winner – Jim Frahm – Ticket# 19007

Wattage Mustang

  • Prize Number 16. – Graves RC Hobbies Wattage Mustang 36inch wing span.
    Weight RTF: 19 Ounces (538gr)
    Molded from Durable Plastic and Foam
    Preinstalled 4Ch FM 27Mhz Radio Control System
    Four-Channel Control – Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder and Throttle
    Rechargeable NiMH Flight Battery
    2.5 Hour 110V AC Flight Battery Charger
    Geared Motor with Propeller and Spinner

  • Winner – Dan Ahern – Ticket# 12811

Dromida Truck

  • Prize Number 17. – Graves RC Hobbies Dromida 1/18 scale Short Course 4WD Truck 2.4GHz RTR. Four wheel drive shaft driven with M370 super high-speed brushed motor. Comes with 2-channel 2.4GHz radio system with trims and dual rates, and 2-in-1 waterproof ESC/receiver and waterproof steering servo. Battery is 7.2V 1300mAh NiMH and includes a AC wall type battery charger. Suspension is fully adjustable independent with Oil-filled big bore shocks with multiple mounting locations. Full set of Ball Bearings and adjustable Camber and Non-adjustable caster.
  • Winner – Steve Lucke – Ticket# 10660

Aqua Craft

  • Prize Number 18. – Graves RC Hobbies AquaCraft Mini Thunder Round Nose Hydroplane molded from ABS plastic with watertight access hatches. Motor is a 380 size water cooled with Micro Wire drive system. The Radio is an AquaCraft 2-channel FM pistol grip with waterproof receiver and mini servos and waterproof Electronic Speed Control. Has a Two-blade 30mm FRP Propeller with 1/8″ prop shaft. Rudder is a Mini Wedge breakaway type that swings back upon impact to prevent damage. Includes 1100mAh NiMH Battery with red 2-pin connector and 12V DC Charger.
  • Winner – Thomas Watson – Ticket# 20995


  • Prize Number 19. – Graves RC Hobbies Estes Proto X Nano Quadcopter RTF.
    Plastic body with window and trim detail
    LED light indicates front and back of the heli, and also helps in low light flying
    4-channel 2.4GHz Radio with digital trims
    Four micro motors
    100mAh 3.7V LiPo battery
    USB charge cord
    One-piece PCB frame
  • Winner – Byron Blakeslee – Ticket# 15870


  • Prize Number 20. – The Phoenix Edge Lite 200 ESC from Castle Creations has the same amazing features and functionality of the Edge series but the Edge Lite offers a slight weight reduction for applications that are tight for space or weight. Simply put, the same brawn with less body – Phoenix Edge Lite.
    Input voltage: MIN: 2S LiPo MAX: 8S LiPo
    Max continuous amperage at full throttle: 200 amps
    BEC voltage: User selectable choice from 5 to 8.4 volt output
    BEC output amperage: 5 amp peak.
  • Winner – Jim Monaco – Ticket# 13741


  • Prize Number 21. – The Phoenix Edge Lite 130 ESC from Castle Creations The white auxiliary wire can be used for helicopter governor gain input adjustments mid-flight, serve as an audible beacon after an “unexpected landing”, act as an RPM output for 3-axis gyros that support RPM sensors, be used as an ESC arming lock (coupon for free Arming Lockout Key included) or as a receiver arming lock. Combined with the data logging capability the Edge series of controllers offer, users can enjoy unparalleled versatility.
    Input voltage: MIN: 2S LiPo MAX: 8S LiPo
    Max continuous amperage at full throttle: 130 amps
    BEC voltage: User selectable choice from 5 to 8.4 volt output
    BEC output amperage: 5 amp peak
  • Winner – Steven Bixby – Ticket# 18123


  • Prize Number 22. – The Phoenix Edge Lite 100 ESC from Castle Creations The Phoenix Edge series is intended for use in helicopters ranging from 450 to 800 size, and fixed wing aircraft up to 1.20 size and larger. As always, the Edge series of controllers offer industry-leading software functions, data logging, and USB programming capability via Castle Link USB adapter (free with included coupon).
    Input voltage: MIN: 2S LiPo MAX: 8S LiPo
    Max continuous amperage at full throttle: 100 amps
    BEC voltage: User selectable choice from 5 to 8.4 volt output
    BEC output amperage: 5 amp peak
  • Winner – Jim Frahm – Ticket# 19214


  • Prize Number 23. – The Phoenix Edge Lite 75 ESC from Castle Creations The Phoenix Edge Lite 75 is a light weight brushless speed control. Features a Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) which eliminates the need for a receiver battery. FOR BRUSHLESS MOTORS ONLY. As always, the Edge series of controllers offer industry-leading software functions, data logging, and USB programming capability via Castle Link USB adapter (free with included coupon). Fully programmable Castle feature set using Castle Link USB adapter (coupon for free Castle Link USB adapter included in package) and freely downloadable Castle Link Windows software. Castle Field Link Programming Card (sold separately) compatible for select functions.
    Input voltage: MIN: 2S LiPo MAX: 8S LiPo
    Max continuous amperage at full throttle: 75 amps
    BEC voltage: User selectable choice from 5 to 8.4 volt output
    BEC output amperage: 5 amp peak
  • Winner – Kyle Paulson – Ticket# 20273


  • Prizes Number 24 and 25. – Two Phoenix Edge Lite 50 ESCs from Castle Creations Ideal for 450 class helis and .25-.35 fixed wing aircraft. Programmable using Castle Link USB Adapter, CSEM6301. User programmable white auxiliary wire can be used for governor gain input adjustments, serve as an audible beacon after a crash, act as an RPM output for 3 axis gyros that support RPM sensors, and used as an ESC or receiver arming lock. One year limited warranty through Castle Creations beginning at date of purchase.
    Input voltage: MIN: 2S LiPo MAX: 8S LiPo
    Max continuous amperage at full throttle: 50 amps
    BEC voltage: User selectable choice from 5 to 8.4 volt output
    BEC output amperage: 5 amp peak
  • Winner – Jim Frahm – Ticket# 19685 and Steven Kratz Ticket# 14143


  • Prize Number 26 through 35. – Zap Adhesives are world renowned premium model products and Frank Tiano Enterprizes have kindly donated 10 fantastic adhesive kits including ZAP Thin CA, ZAP Medium CA, ZAP Thick CA, ZAP Rubber Toughened CA, Zap Gel CA and ZAP ZipKicker. The kits are in a convenient plastic tray and simply perfect to have with you at the flying field for field repairs or stored on your work bench for when you need the best adhesives for your next build. Frank Tiano also has provided the US Soaring Team with extra adhesives for use as team supplies in Slovakia. Please visit Franks website and check out the great range of Zap adhesives available.
  • Winners – Charles Morris – Ticket# 10507, Gerard OKeefe 17494, Tim Traver 20731, Jim Frahm 11916, John Armstrong 12975, Fred Gerring 19815, Alexander Hall 22469, Jim Frahm 19029, Tuan Le 1107 and Jim Frahm 12567.


  • Prize Number 36. – The Hobby People Activator 50 Multi-Chemistry Intelligent Charger is a high-performance micro processor-controlled charger with a built-in lithium cell balancer. The Activator 50 is suitable for charging Li-Io, LiPo, LiFe, NiCd, NiMH and Pb (Lead Acid) batteries from an 11-18V DC or 100-240V AC power source.
  • Winner – Harlan Selway – Ticket# 10393


  • Prize Number 37. – The Hobby People Ultra 100 Touch Intelligent multi medium Charger. Details yet to be announced regarding this brand new addition to the Hobby People range of intelligent chargers.
  • Winner – Taylor Holland – Ticket# 18722

  • Prize Numbers 38 – 52 Paul Naton of Radio Carbon Art has not only provided awesome graphics for the Team USA Logo but here he really “puts his money where his mouth is” by supplying for the F3J Team raffle 3 downloads of each of his top 5 Video training sets. They include:- Electric Sailplane Clinic, Soaring Essentials Clinic, Hand Launch Master Class, Soaring Master Class and Thermal Soaring Clinic. Thats a total of 15 lucky winners of some of the best soaring training available on the planet. Pauls video sets are filled with soaring wisdom that is simply a “must view” for any serious RC soaring pilot. The Soaring Master Class series can take your skill level from mediocre to extraordinary. Paul also has many other training videos available for download and to purchase as DVD’s. Check em out on his website.
  • Winner – Leonard Reed – Ticket# 21421, Dennis Clingan 17504, Jim Monaco 13508, Steven Bixby 18062, Kyle Paulson 20266, Tom Kiesling 17382, Jeff Carr 15718, Jim Frahm 19101, Duane Beck 13999, Randall Everly 22239, Jim Frahm 12143, Lex Mierop 19929, Jim Frahm 11643, Taylor Holland 21899, Duane Beck 14025.

  • Prize Numbers 53 and 54 – 2 pairs of MKS 6100 Micro servos – donated by MKS Servos USA– These servos are perfect for F3K models and are also seeing service as aileron and rudder servos in F3J Models. Lightweight, precise and accurate – you can’t beat MKS Servos for quality and value for money. Here’s the specifications:
    Dead Band 0.001ms (Default); Control System +Pulse Width Control; Working Frequence 1500μs / 333hz data: 850μs~2150μs; (RX) Required Pulse 3.0 ~ 5.0 Volt Peak to Peak Square Wave; Operating Voltage 4.8 ~ 5.0 V DC Volts; Operating Temperature Range -10 to + 60 Degree C; Operating Speed (4.8V) 0.12 sec/60° degrees at no load; Operating Speed (5V) 0.11 sec/60° degrees at no load; Stall Torque (4.8V) 3.19 kg.cm (44.3 oz/in); Stall Torque (5V) 3.32 kg.cm (46.1 oz/in); 360° Modifiable YES; Motor Type Coreless Motor; Potentiometer Drive Direct Drive; Driver Type FET; Bearing Type 2 Jewel Bearing + 1 Bronze Bushing; Gear Type Chrome-Titanium alloy gear; Connector Wire Length 15.0 cm (5.9 in); Dimensions 22.5X10X23.5 mm (0.89x 0.39x 0.93 in); Weight 9.5 g (0.335 oz)
  • Winner – Jim Frahm – Ticket# 11890 and Dan Ahern 12814.

  • Prize Number 55 and 56. – The raffle just keeps getting better!!! Thanks to John Marien of Jack Pak RC Sailplane Carrying Bags for donating two RED Jack Pak RC Sailplane Carrying Bags. These Sailplane Carrying Bags are large enough to be able to carry any of the sailplanes already donated to the F3J raffle. Quality material, sewing and design make this a sailplane bag that you will be proud to own.
  • Winner – Byron Blakeslee – Ticket# 15942 and Kyle Paulson 20322

  • Prize Numbers 57 through 66 – Ten (10) Super Chutes – Mr Kite, (aka Craig Christensen) not only manufactures the best Soaring winch chutes available but he continues to sponsor FAI Soaring and for that the soaring community should be truly grateful. If it wasn’t for the kindness and absolute commitment of sponsors like Mr Kite we couldn’t compete at a world level in F3J. Check out the amazing range of colors he can make chutes in. And he has donated 10 (ten) of his Super Chutes where the lucky winners can choose their colors and design.
  • Winner – Mike Smith – Ticket# 16882, Scott Myers 14315, Fred Gerring 19877, Steve Lucke 10769, Tim Traver 20771, Andrew Rice 18404, Jim Monaco 13829, Lex Mierop 19979, Byron Blakeslee 16023, Gregory Douglas 22028.

  • Prize Number 67 – A Winchdoc Pulley – WinchDoc, (aka Douglass Boyd) manufactures the very best soaring winch turnaround pulleys on the planet. This is the “go to” pulley of the US F3J team and the quality is outstanding. According to Jim Monaco, “The Rocky Mountain Soaring Association have 6 of these for the RMSA club winches and they are flawless…” The Winchdoc pulley uses a 3″ low mass delron needle bearing sheave. It’s all machined aluminum and anodized to prevent oxidation. Two bolts pop it apart for cleaning and lubrication. The machined halves are cut so that the line can not get around the sheave sides and so that the line does not wear on the side plates.
  • Winner – Jim Frahm – Ticket# 19545


  • Prize Number 68 and 69 – Two No Neck Transmitter Suspension Harnesses Bryan King manufactures this amazing piece of gear which evenly distributes the weight of your transmitter onto each shoulder with no load on your neck. This is a new design based on a generic Binocular Suspension Harness, and is intended to replace the standard transmitter neck strap. This new design eliminates the stress and discomfort of the neck area that is caused by the weight and movement of your transmitter hanging from your neck. The design of the Suspension Harness allows you to bend over your helicopter or plane to make any adjustments and does not let your transmitter swing out into your area of reach, banging into your aircraft and getting in the way. Two lucky raffle winners will receive a black or a blue No Neck Harness.
  • Winner – Duane Beck – Ticket# 17704 and Byron Blakeslee 15982

FOX Glider

  • Prize Number 5 from Horizon Hobby is the FOX V2 2.4M PNP Aerobatic sailplane. FMS has created this wonderfully exciting aerobatic glider in impact absorbing and resilient EPO foam. The mold quality is sublime adding to the efficiency and great looks. Combined with a high powered brushless motor and LiPo battery, gives the budding modeler a new level of high performance excitement. This glider features glass/carbon composite and aluminum tube strengthened wings that are easily removable for transport and a very compact fuselage adding further to the enjoyment of this model. Positive and negative loops, stall turns, point rolls and inverted flight are all easily performed with this model and it will also perform excellently simply hunting for thermals or slope flying, making it suitable for a wide range of pilots.

  • Prize Number 6 from Horizon Hobby is the Inductrix FPV + BNF. Perfect for the beginner, yet powerful enough for the advanced pilot, the Inductrix® FPV + is the next generation of micro FPV drones. Building on the success of the Inductrix, this 8mm motor version comes ready to FPV right out of the box.The Blade® Inductrix® FPV + quadcopter is the next generation of micro FPV drones. Building on the success of the Inductrix and Inductrix Pro, this 8mm motor version comes ready to FPV right out of the box with zero fuss. With its integrated camera/video transmitter and pre-installed LED tail light, it has everything you need and more for FPV fun. SAFE® technology makes flying simple while the ducted propeller design allows you to bounce off walls and objects without crashing! Innovative Meow Mode™ allows you to flip the quadcopter back upright after a crash by quickly reversing the motor direction. New altitude hold flight mode maintains the distance from the ground, providing an intuitive flight experience.


  • Prize Number 7 from Horizon Hobby is the Convergence VTOL park flyer. It is both a versatile multirotor and a nimble sport plane. It’s even FPV-ready! Its exclusive flight control software makes transitioning between multirotor and airplane flight easier than it has ever been before.
    Key Features
    • Multirotor versatility and sport plane agility
    • Designed by champion pilot, Mike McConville
    • Exclusive flight control software makes it incredibly easy to fly
    • Stability and Acro Modes provide a wide performance envelope
    • Powerful brushless motors for outstanding speed and climb performance
    • Super-simple transmitter setup – no complex programming required
    • FPV-ready with camera and video transmitter mounting stations
    • Durable Z-foam™ material

  • Prize Number 8 from Horizon Hobby is the E-flite UMX MiG-15 EDF jet – back by popular demand in a vivid new color scheme with higher performance, plus optional-use SAFE Select technology and smooth AS3X stabilization that together provide precision control that’s easier to enjoy.
    Key Features
    • Completely factory-assembled, the MiG-15 plane is ready to go right out of the box!
    • Scale-inspired trim scheme with factory-applied graphics
    • Powerful 13,500Kv brushless inrunner ducted fan motor
    • Industry-leading Spektrum™ 2.4Ghz DSMX® technology
    • Incredible stability and precision of AS3X® technology
    • Optional-use SAFE® Select flight envelope protection technology
    • Fully-engineered intake and exhaust ducting for maximum thrust
    • High-output E-flite® 28mm Delta-V® 180m EDF system
    • Scale authenticity includes accurate outlines, wing fences, gun detail and more
    • 4-channel control includes functional split-rudder and nose wheel steering
    • Removable landing gear includes simulated gear doors

  • Prize Number 9 from Horizon Hobby is the J-3 Piper Cub V3 1.4m PNP by FMS. This beauty has excellent handling at low speeds and versatile performance with wheels or the included float set. In addition, FMS has dedicated significant amount of resources in making this aircraft as detailed as possible.
    Key Features
    • Traditional 4-channel control
    • Screw-together construction—no glue required
    • Two-piece, plug-in wings with snap-tight struts
    • Intricate cowl and engine detail
    • Clear windows and distinctive surface features
    • Detailed cockpit includes a hand-painted pilot figure
    • Lightweight and durable EPO construction
    • Powerful brushless 3536, 850Kv outrunner motor
    • Predator 40A brushless ESC
    • Direct-link servo setup offers precision movement
    • Scale landing gear with shock-absorbing articulation
    • Includes float set and a water rudder for float plane conversion

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