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Defending World Champions Daryl Perkins and Brendan Beardsley will head up a large contingent of pilots at this Worlds.

South Africa F3J 2012 Worlds Facebook Page

Welcome to the official website of the 2012 F3J team. We hope that you will return here often to see how the preparation for our journey to South Africa is developing. As most of you know our national organization (the AMA) sponsors our FAI Teams but this valuable sponsorship only pays for a small portion of the costs to send a team to a World Championships. As a result we must rely on you – our fellow sail-planers to help us with fundraising to make up for the extra costs that sending a competitive team will incur.

South Africa is a very long way from home and airfares alone are extremely expensive to this destination. We are also faced with the decreased buying power of the US dollar. We would like the US Team to be able to spend as much time as possible readying for the competition, and not have to worry about how they will pay for air tickets, transportation, and model shipping.

We hope that you will help your national team by buying tickets in the giant raffle we have planned to draw on our return or by buying some Team apparel. If you want to simply make a tax deductible donation you may do that also. We have provided a shopping cart on this site for your convenience and you can use Visa, Mastercard or AMEX to make your purchase. The raffle includes many fantastic prizes, donated by our fabulous Sponsors in the RC soaring industry. With the returning World Champion Daryl Perkins participating we even have his personal ICON 2 to be included in the raffle at the conclusion of the Worlds. Check out the amazing list of prizes and purchase tickets to win.

This 2012 USA Worlds Team has probably the greatest potential to win the World Championships that any US Team has ever had. The Team includes returning Junior World Champion Brendan Beardsley as well as the iconic DP to head up a very strong contingent of senior and junior pilots. Go to the BIO page here to learn more about the team. For some, this will be the modeling competition experience of their lives, filled with excitement and the potential to meet new life long friends.

Please help us reach our fundraising goals and come back regularly to see the raffle prize list grow and watch for regular updates here as the Team practices for the event in South Africa.

Thank you for your support

Dillon, Dominick, Tristan, Bob, Tom and Cody after the Team Selects contest.

The US Team was chosen at the Team Selection event held in Cocoa, Florida between October 28 – 30, 2011. The top 3 senior pilots and the top 3 junior pilots at this contest became our US representatives for the Worlds. The 4th placed pilots in each category will be available as the alternates in case a competitor is unable to make the trip. The 3 senior pilots are Cody Remington, Tom Kiesling and Bob McGowan with Josh Glaab as the alternate. The three junior pilots are Tristan Sherman, Dominick Lewis and Dillon Graves with Dave Bradley the alternate.

The Team will also have two additional senior pilots. As reigning senior World Champion, Daryl Perkins is eligible to contest the event but his scores will not contribute to the US Team standings. The same opportunity to contest another worlds was earned by reigning 2010 Junior champ Brendon Beardsley and he will join the team in South Africa as a senior competitor. Brendon’s flight scores will not contribute to the US Team scores either as the FAI rules allow only the three qualifying pilots (Cody, Tom and Bob) to contribute points to win Team Gold.

Go Team USA!

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