Thu Jul 10 Practice day 2

With the best weather of the week forecast for thursday the team started the day early with a 6:00 breakfast and a brisk walk to the field for 7:00am start. As forecast the sun was breaking through with promise of a great soaring day. The team concentrated initially on setting up models to tow well and a lot of hours were also spent enjoying the excellent thermal conditions. The field is setup on a full size aerodrome and slopes gradually down toward the North. The east side slopes uphill and is mostly planted with corn while the South end of the runway is bordered by a mature wheat crop. Pilots explored all corners of the area to see what was generating lift and what wasn’t. Generally the air was very favorable all day unlike what we are expecting tomorrow for the first day of the Pre Contest.
Daryl managed to complete repairs on all his damaged models and got them setup successfully on tow. The other two seniors Jody and Chris are very ready for the event and the juniors are in excellent form. Can’t wait till tomorrow to get the Team started in the World Cup contest – “The Martin Cup”

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