Thank you to CST Sales

Gail Gewan of CST Sales arranged for a special Team day where 20% of the entire sales of most products during a two day period was donated to the F3J Team during the 2012 cycle.

Here’s how it worked.
All sales of most composite materials such as carbon, kevlar, pushrods, housings, CA adhesives were recorded and 20% of the value of those sales was donated to the F3J Team during the CST Team Days.
There is so much that CST offers for soaring modellers that this store is a “must visit.” Thank you CST and thank you Gail Gewan for this awesome event to support the F3J Team.
If you didn’t make it to CST during the CST Team Days you can still go there and support CST as our sponsor. Here’s a list of what you can buy at CST Sales – The Composite Store If you see something you like you can click on it to take you straight to the CST store.

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