Fri Jul 29 – Day 1 Slovakia F3J Cup

Day 1 of the Slovakia Cup pre contest.
The two day cup started ominously for the team when Amy snapped a wing joiner on a test flight before the contest started. Minus half her port wing she managed to stabilize the mode.and get it landed safely with no further damage.
The contest went extremely well all day for the US Team with some solid rounds by the senior and the juniors combined. Some epic flights were accomplished along the way with Jeff riding the treeline barely 5 feet above the tops at times on one flight for more than 7 minutes before finally getting out and saving the flight for a 1000 points. Jeff didn’t get to fly the 6th round when we stopped early for rain. Jeff is in second place with a perfect score except for one 999.5 being his worst score.
Josh was solid as a rock all day and really never seemed to be in trouble finding air and taking no risks to record solid scores every round. Josh completed the day in 6th place.
Jody also hit the zone in the landings and got all his times to score highly and finish the day in 5th.
Gordon started poorly with a bad landing but rose up the ranks with a couple odlf 1000’s to finish in 9th.
The best part of the day for the USA Team was an amazing performance by the three junior with Sean in 14th, Charleston in 15th and John also made fantastic flight with great scores except for his first flight where he was home early Hopefully if the weather permits tomorrow we will fly a couple more rounds and his bad 1st round score will become a dropper.
The Team is flying really well and in great spirits. Looking forward to tomorrow.
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