Sun 07/22 – Opening Ceremony and Model registration

The opening ceremony was scheduled at the flying site at 10:00am on Sunday morning. We were all up early at 6 for breakfast and had models assembled and ready for the ceremony at 10. The Ceremony was conducted by a local organizer and Tomas Bartovski the Jury Chairman declared the contest open and we posed for Team photographs in front of the Team country flags.

The rest of the day until 3:30pm in the afternoon the pilots practiced and fine tuned their launch settings on their models.

Registration took place in a small hangar about 800 meters away from our team tent, so it was a long walk with models to and from the registration. Luke and Josh took their models there in the van and assembled them at the hangar while the other pilots either held their models out the window of a car and drove them or they simply walked the models there and back.

Some more flying was done after the registration while Josh and I attended the Team Managers Technical meeting in the Brasov Aero Clubs facility.

The Technical meeting covered various questions regarding the F3J rules for the contest. Sotir the Cd conducted the meeting and a few significant questions were raised such as the Towers are required to continue running after launch to absolutely make sure that the parachute clears the field and cannot impede any other competitors lines.

Most of the other questions were generic about local conditions including the fact that the buildings behind us are NOT out of bounds but if a model lands on the roof they will be difficult to retrieve and may take many hours.

The day ended with an early dinner so we can all be on bed early and bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning for the 1st day of the Worlds.

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