08/02 Day 2 Worlds

2nd day of WC.

In actual fact this became the first day of the World Championships as Day one was blown out and it became a day of rest for many of us.

At 9:00am the CD Marko announced a delay of 2 hours with a start time if 11:00am due to Safety considerations caused by the crosswind from the east maybe making danger for the tent area.


First group of seniors launched toward the city in the Northerly direction at 11:20 and the contest had finally started. They will fly two rounds  of seniors and then two junior rounds and repeat this combo  today. The first few groups took full launches and found ultra easy air as the wind had completely dropped to less than 7mph. Up air was everywhere and no one was missing their times.

Jim Schoon was our first USA pilot in Group 5 and he took a two second tow for an easy ride up and back down for a 9:56.2-99. and 998.1

Daryls flight was taken in slightly stronger wind of at least 10mph and more overcast conditions. He flew dry and after his flight said he wished he had some ballast. His flight took him back downwind as the guys upwind were drilling and he used soft lift the others showed to get out the back. His landing was fairly routine as only Daryl can making a 9:55.80-100 for the 1000 points. 

Jeff was last to fly in Group 7 of the seniors and the conditions were cooler showing way less active air than earlier. Jeff took a 3.5 second tow and headed crosswind and forward to the left. The air going out was generally good and after 7 minutes working out wide he had attained what we considered was sufficient height to make his time. On the ride back it became apparent that he needed help to make the time. In the end after a rude downwind along the treeline  to his LZ he finished up home 14 seconds early for a 9:41.72 -99 and 980 points.

Round 1 Overall results show Daryl on top with a 1000 points and Jim in 20th place on 998.1 and Jeff in 62nd on 980.4


Daryl launched Rd 2 just before lunch. 3 second tow saw Daryl fly downwind of the group. He stayed behind the guys out front as they marked numerous small pieces of air and though undecided at times picked His way around to make time and another picture perfect landing. His score of 9:54.5-100 yielded him 999.6 points as Hamada Hirofumi of Japan edged him for the 1000 by .3 of a second.

Dillon has been attracting a lot of attention between flying activities!

Jeffs turn for redemption was next and the conditions had improved to be an easy read before we started, as the air became still 2 1/2 minutes out and then began to draw downwind before launch. Jeff asked for a short tow and that’s what we gave him with max tension and a 1 sec tow. He hooked up quickly forward to the right and maxed with the group. His timing on landing was impeccable but his directional force was not with him for  a 9:58.5 – 97 and 999.4

(Your reporter has been very occupied for the last two + hours!) (As a thrower I had 8 consecutive flights without a break and was unable to report.)

Almost all the junior flights were uneventful with almost still conditions allowing for easy reads and easy flights. Dillon got two great scores  for 2 1000’s and Stoil got his model high both rounds in great air. One of Stoils landings was  messed up through bad communication by his helpers where he didn’t get the proper countdown from 30secs and finished up turning too deep on base and didn’t make it back to his spot. This was  extremely unfortunate and cost a great junior pilot his deserved score. We are all really bummed about it but we will.move on.

The most amazing flight of the afternoon was Noah Myers as he took a path to the west with the Norwegian junior while the  remainder of the pack went East.

Noah worked a small patch under the Scandinavian model at barely above treetop height for 4minutes. By 5 minutes he was still.just making out above the trees with the Norwegian. working one  way and then the next as  they both gradually started to rise above the foliage and remove the extreme anxiety of the whole USA Team as they started to gain height and then magically by 7 minites in they were both out of trouble and the anxiety was over. Without doubt this was the best performance I have seen Noah put in since we began working with him 2 years ago. What a ride that was!

So with no time to write about every flight The bottom line is USA did amazing and we finoshed the.day in 2nd place and the juniors in 6th.

Op obviously with the drop Stoils bad score will.go away and we will jump-up in the. Junior ranks.

It was a long day finishing at after 7:00pm 

Tomorrow is a new day.

Thats  all folks

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