Fri 07/27 Day 5 World Champs

With the Team in 2nd position with just a tiny margin of 14 points over 3rd it is important today that we fly this final Round 14 safely and without error. We are starting flying earlier at 8:30am so all were up for breakfast at 5:45am today.

We took some lines out on the field and made some practice launches to be ready for the final flyoffs later today. I have been abtsy for days to practice some speed tows with direct tow so we were not doing something for the first time during the contest. Each day we have planned to do this but something has come up and we have not had any practice.

I threw Jodys model twice for a couple of Rocket launches and now have a good feel for tension and timing with Towers. (I have practiced these high tension throws a real lot with a winch but direct towing with towers.)

Jody was first pilot up in bouyant air and after a great launch with his lite 4.0 X he flew in and out of cloud for an excellent 9:52 – and 100.


Neal fkew next and was never in trouble with a great launch and excellent floating flight to finish with a 9:53 – 98. He had to avoid another plane in final which made him hurry in the end but a 98 will be enough

2 Down 1 to go.

We are nearly there. We can almost feel the podium. Just one more safe flight

Bob took his light black 4.0 out and in

DISASTER. Bobs flight started with a flat trajectory, never hooked up and fell off the line at about 50 feet.

Bob flew down the lane to the tent area and started circles in a little puff and maintained for a couple of minutes gradually drifting downwind toward the Towers end … (yes they launched slightly downwind.)

I started a video at about 1:30 into the flight and I will post it on Youtube so you can all live through the difficulty of the situation we were in. Bob worked and worked and worked at this riny oatch of air and even though there were a bunch of tiny swallows feeding to help him make it work he was unable to core the peice of air and eventually succumbed at about 7:35 as the entire USA teams hearts sank to our boots.

There were many reasons the popoff occurred and hindsight is a wonderful thing but the truth is the model Bob flew had a new stab on the model from when it was originally setup and it hadnt been launched until one test this morning. It looked sketchy this morning but thats the model he took out and it didnt launch..

Bob did his best with what he had and it wasnt enough.

Our Team campaign is over.

The conditions are cool, almost 1 to 2 mph wind , heavy overcast and very little thermal activity. When we find air it is only extremely gentle.

The Juniors flew Rd13 and Stoil found the air really tough to deal with finally succombing at about 8 minutes to come up short. with a 7:51 – 85 and 806 points.

Charleston flew in group 2 and flew the best thernal flight if his contest in tough only slightly bouyant air. He had to work multiple thermals to make the time and he did it. His time wass 9:49.4 – 91 and scored 982.8 points.

In Lukes round he was unable to hook up with theothers and finished with a 7:14 – 94 landing for 765 points.

RD14 for juniors was flown next and Stoil showed us his excellent skills and maxed for a Granny with a 9:51.6 – 99.

Charleston was next and once again flew a magnificent flight in the conditions to again make his time and get a landing. He made 9:47 and a 95. For a scire if 979.6

Luke made his last flight count with a 9:52.6 – 98 to score 989 points.

The juniors finished in 4th place with 37920.4 points. 1st was Germany with 38930. 2nd CZE 38461. 3rd BUL 38397

The flyoffs began immediately.

1st Flyoff round Jody went long launch with not a rwal good read. Ended up being a pretty easy round and he scored a 14:57 – 98 for 997 points.

Neal made 14:56.5 – 90 for 997.5

Round 2 saw Jody take a Rocket launch anf got a great start

14:57 – 100 for 998.8

Neal 14:55.5 – 98 for 994.8

Jody round 3 14:58.5 – 97 for 997.2

Neal 15:56.3 – 98 for 996

Positions after 4 rds

1sr Arijan Hucaljijk 3998.4

2nd OLEKSANDR chekh 3992.3

3rd Cederic Duss 3991.4

4th Jody Miller 3990.8

5th Neal Huffman 3985.8

After 5 Rounds Jody is in 2nd with the drop on 4988.8 points just 3.1 seconds ahead of Cedric Duss in 3rd with 4985 7

Neal is in 5th

Jody Miller is number 2 in the world!

Sorry for the delay but we got excited once he hit that last 100. Jody made Silver by 1/2 point over Cedric Duss.

Oh my gosh.

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