Thank you to MKS Servos

Thomas Cooke of MKS Servos USA arranged for a special Team days during the 2012 cycle where 20% of all retail sales of MKS Servos sold through the MKS Servos USA online store was donated to the F3J Team during a four day period from July 9th through 12th ,2012. He also generously extended the promo until Sunday July 15th Midnight which allowed many buyers to make purchases over the weekend.

Great News – $1077.00 was raised for the Team and we are very appreciative of the following supporters who purchased servos during the event.
Doug Boyd (Winch Doc), Mark Gauding, Tom McPherson, William Delhagen, Christopher Bonner, Lex Mierop, James Moulton, Ted Stodgell, Phil Davy, Paul Crittenden, John Jenks, Choo HWA Seng, Martin Falarski, Steven Williams, Stefano Monne, Charles Loftis. I know I have missed some here but thanks to all those hobbyists out there who responded to our promotion and made servo purchases during that period.
MKS servos are the “best of the best” with the best resolution glider servos plus servos for all sizes of RC helicopters as well as high resolution servos for giant scale and general servos for all applications including cars and boats. Thanks MKS. Your contribution to the F3J Team was fantastic!
There is so much that MKS Servos offers on their store you really should go there and check it out. A big “Thank you” to Thomas Cooke and MKS Servos for this awesome event to support the F3J Team.
Please support MKS by visiting their store. Here’s a list of what you can buy at MKS Servos USA

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