07/25 USA Departure

The adventure begins. 

Sheralyn and I left  Orlando at 2:00pm enroute to Newark and turn Venice by 9:00am Venice time tomorrow 26th. We expect to meet with the Team on Wednesday and drive to Vipava.

We have worked very hard  this last couple of years and it was a glorious relaxing feeling to sit down at the bar at Orlando International for an hour and simply relax. 

This US Team has got to be the best prepared Team in years with everybody in great form and peaking at the right time. We are expecting to do great things.

Go Team USA.


So the adventure has prematurely stalled as our flight to Newark was diverted to Raleigh-Durham due to weather in Newark. Therefore we missed our flight to Venice and United does not provide vouchers or hotels because the delay is weather related.

Bummer indeed.

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